Power Cogeneration

With over 10 years of experience in managing a portfolio of cogeneration facilities (750 MW), Solvay Energy Services helps you optimise the value of your assets.

View of a cogeneration, Pont-de-Claix, FranceClick to enlarge

Our teams define with you short and middle-term hedging strategies, keeping in mind your business objectives as well as your operating constraints. 

The value of your assets is also optimised through participation in adjustment mechanisms, the capacity market, and regulatory mechanisms dedicated to co-generators.

Our technical teams are also at your service to identify, quantify, and set up technical modifications to increase the flexibility and reactivity of your co-generation tools and maximize their value.

And more...

  • Direct access to our trading room to build optimised strategies
  • A team of specialists at your disposal to create custom-made plans
  • Regular information on markets and regulations evolutions
  • A dedicated customer area : my-SES
  • Informational seminars