Thanks to the deregulation of the electricity markets, medium / large consumers and alternative suppliers can identify the best opportunities and diversify their sources. But the access to these new opportunities involve a balancing responsibility towards transportation networks and distribution operators.

Solvay Energy Services has developed, initially for Solvay and its sites, a unique expertise in electrical perimeter balancing as soon as the markets opened up to competition. That expertise is what we offer you today.


Trust Solvay Energy Services for your balancing

Power balancing

Thanks to their know-how in forecasting and their direct access to the wholesale power market, our experts take charge of your balancing obligations towards network administrators (transport, distribution).

Solvay Energy Services has a large perimeter allowing to optimize its balancing operations and to minimize, for its clients, penalties due to network administrators in the event of a consumption gap.

Trusting Solvay Energy Services for the balancing of your consumption, is choosing expertise and tranquility.

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