Corporate PPAs: the expertise of Solvay Energy Services and Orygeen

Solvay Energy Services and its partner Orygeen assist companies committed to sustainable development in the implementation of a simple, effective and innovative solution: The Corporate Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Which structure of Corporate PPA?

The financial Corporate PPA: a simple and flexible implementation

Without modifying the existing structure of a company's energy supply, a financial Corporate PPA increases the share of renewable energy in its energy mix

For the company, the operation consists in committing with a renewable energy developer to the purchase of a given volume of electricity, at a predefined price (fixed, indexed, bounded, etc.) and over the long term (5 to 20 years). The produced renewable energy is monetized on the market by Solvay Energ: the company receives the proceeds from the sale along with the guarantees of origin associated to the electricity

This way the company is able to prove that part of its electricity consumption is from a renewable source.


The physical Corporate PPA: Optimal environmental integrity

In a physical Corporate PPA, the company consumes directly the electricity produced by the renewable energy source. 

As in a financial PPA, the operation consists for the company in committing with a renewable energy developer to the purchase of a given volume of electricity, at a predefined price and over the long term (5 to 20 years). However, the negotiated volume of electricity is then directly delivered to the company, for its own consumption. For the latter, Solvay Energy Services manages intermittency linked to renewable energies by purchasing additional electricity on the market if necessary. This way, the volume of electricity delivered to the company matches permanently its consumption profile. 

The company pays the volume of renewable electricity it has committed to buy to Solvay Energy Services, along with the additional electricity coming from the network.  This way the company is able to prove that part of its electricity consumption is of renewable origin.

Our teams put at your disposal their solid knowledge of energy markets and project financing to assist you in your commitment to renewable energies.   
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A structured and complete methodology  

Experts at Solvay Energy Services and its partner Orygeen have developed a structured and complete working methodology, which guarantees effective collaboration with the companies wishing to engage in a Corporate PPA. 

Phase 1: Definition of the strategy and evaluation of market opportunities

Solvay Energy Services’ experts define with you a strategy based on you consumption data (volume, profile) and your economic, strategic, environmental and risk management priorities.

Your strategy is compared to the possibilities offered by the market, that Solvay Energy Services’ experts have compiled into a database referencing developers’ projects independently. At this point, renewable energy production assets  that match your strategy are pre-selected in preparation for a call for tender. 

Phase 2: Call for tender and selection of developers 

Complete specifications are developed with you, then submitted to pre-selected developers. The proposals received are compiled, analysed in detail and compared to the defined evaluation criteria. Competitive negotiations are then conducted with the selected developer(s) to refine the best solution for your company and achieve contractualization. 

Phase 3: implementation of the solution

Once the PPA is signed, Solvay Energy Services’ experts carry out all the activities necessary to meet the contractual requirements. They particularly handle the supervision of the relations with the developer(s) during the construction and commissioning phases of production assets, and elaborate a monitoring plan of operations (procedures and governance and operating policies, reporting, etc.)

Beyond this phase, Solvay Energy Services is able to provide the company with specific services planned by the implemented solutions. 

  • Managing the intermittency of renewable energy by supplying electricity (in the case of a physical PPA)
  • Marketing of renewable electricity at a competitive price (in the case of a financial PPA)
  • Monitoring the performance of the PPA contract and maximizing its value (optimization of planning and forecasting)
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A consulting approach centered on the client and their project 

Their approach, focused on expertise and consulting, consists in:

  • Setting up a project team dedicated to reach your objectives, validated during the kick-off meeting;
  • Managing the project planning;
  • Maintaining a constant dialogue as the project progresses;
  • Identifying problems and defining solutions;
  • Supporting members of your internal project team to prepare information sessions for leadership and decision making. 

Solvay Energy Services and Orygeen are not affiliated with any major energy group and lead their consulting missions for you independently.