Green Gas

As a responsible and innovative energy operator, Solvay Energy Services incorporates gas of renewable origins, or “Green Gas”, into its portfolio of solutions: biomethane from the decomposition of agricultural, household or industrial waste. Chemically identical to natural gas, biomethane is directly injected into the natural gas transportation network.

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Integrate biomethane to your energy mix thanks to guarantees of origin

Integrating biomethane into your energy mix is a strong indicator of your commitment to the  energy transition. This is made possible by guarantees of origin: certificates that testify that a certain volume of biomethane has been injected into the network. 

Solvay energy Services offers you the possibility to acquire guarantees of European origin and to implement your desire to contribute to the energy transition. 

The carbon offset

Another way to contribute to the energy transition is to offset these CO2 emissions by buying carbon credits. 

A pioneer on the carbon market with Orbeo, Solvay Energy Services holds a unique expertise in carbon offset mechanisms: our specialists assist you in the construction of a strategy to offset your CO2 emissions linked to your natural gas consumption, by the direct purchase of carbon credits on the markets.