Stocking up on the wholesale market to maximize your competitivity 

Since the opening of the gas markets to competition, gas consumers can directly source their supplies on the European wholesale market without going through their traditional monopolistic supplier. Solvay chose the option more than ten years ago, by entrusting Solvay Energy Services with a part of its energetic supply. 

Through its trading desk, Solvay Energy Services has direct access to the European gas markets and the opportunities they offer. Thanks to their expertise and their understanding of the actors of the market, Solvay Energy Services experts identify the best opportunities as they arise and immediately bring benefits to their customers resulting in an improved competitiveness.


Accessing the gas market directly thanks to Solvay energy Services

With Solvay Energy Services, you have direct access to our trading desk: you are in direct contact with our traders and analysts, who guide you through the implementation of your gas supply strategy. Our experts identify and compare with you the best opportunities, which can be:

gas supply offer - fixe prices

Blocks of gas at a fixed price

You secure your budget by committing to a fixed price, for the duration of your choice.

gas supply offer - INDEXED PRICES

Blocks of gas at an indexed price

You secure a quantity of gas while anticipating favorable price developments.

gas supply offer - fixed & indexed prices

A combination of fixed price and indexed price blocks

You combine fixed-price and index-price blocks in proportions that are determined by your strategy and risk profile.

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